It's what's on the inside that counts


Never buy another plastic bottle of cleaning spray again.

Simple. Elegant. Beautiful. Refills.

Less is more when living in harmony with Mama Nature. We've taken the water out to save your carbon footprint.

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From Our Family of Clean Freques

Never once did I actually feel clean while cleaning...How rediculous is that!? Freque was the first time this ever happened and I enjoyed not only cleaning but the incredible aroma that lingers where ever I use it. All those amazing essential oils and no nasties - Yes get in my life!

Sebastian B

When I use Freque, The energy lift in my home is instant. I recieve a sensory experience clarity, newness and optimism, whilst my home is squeaky clean. The best thing about it, is you FEEL the freshness it creates in your abode which ripples into positive action and supports our planet with clever refil tubes and minimised waste!
I cannot reccomend this product enough. I LOVE FREQUE!


Is it weird to say that I enjoy cleaning up now? I use Freque every night after dinner to wipe down the benches. It's like mixing cleaning with aromatherapy, I feel my space become lighter and calmer after using it, leaving me ready to wind down.

Tess M

Cleaning my home with natural goodness, and natural goodness that actually works… now that makes cleaning a whole lot more appealing!
Love that Freque feeling, a clean home that smells great with no harm to me or the planet.

Charity T

Freque of Nature is incomparable to any other eco cleaning product I have come across. Each spray is like that fresh rain falling on leaves smell, each swipe has my home and senses returning to balance and clarity. I'm never replacing with anything but Freque! It's a love affair.

Asher E

Highly recommend Freque! Since using it I haven't wanted to use anything else in our home! With two little and sensitive humans, it's important that I minimise toxic chemicals often found in cleaning products. My house is now clean, shiny, and smelling divine!

Sascha C

When I receieved my Freque I was instantly blown away by the STUNNING packaging, and the insanely beautiful natural smell. No more sneezing and watery eyes, that I get from other eco cleaners. After cleaning now I come away smelling amazing and my home smells like an offering to the GODS.

Jessica W